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Thèse soutenue le 9 décembre 2016

Mingxuan Du
Directeur Thèse Polytech'Lab Philippe Gourbesville - Olivier Delestre

Modélisation intégrée des écoulemennts souterrains et des échnages nappe-rivière dan sla basse vallée du Var


Groundwater modelling with deterministic model is a complicated process, especially in complex aquifers where the quantity and the quality of the measured data arc not satisfying. The unconfined alluvial aquifer is the main water resource in the lower valley of Vat river, French Riviera, but it faces a threat of shortage and pollution. Despite numerous previous studies, the dynamics of the groundwater flow in the alluvial aquifer and the characteristics of the rivet-aquifer exchanges are still partially unknown. Therefore the local water management service requires a decision support system PSS) based on numerical models to ensure a better groundwater management. A hydraulic model is set up with FEFLOW software by considering precipitation, evapotranspiration, groundwater extraction and river/aquifer exchanges. The non-documented groundwater extraction for agricultural use and the transfer rates in the riverbed along the river have been calibrated. The model has been validated with a simulation of 7266 days. The model is applied to simulate the scenarios of flood and drought events, the pollution events in the unconfined aquifer in the valley and the seawater intrusion in the estuary of Var river. These case studies contribute to increase the knowledge of the aquifer. A first conception of the DSS tool is presented as the last example of model application. A coupling interface is developed thanks to a Java program that enables an automatic exchange of data between the groundwater flow model and the surface water flow model built with MIKE 21. More tests should be done to validate the coupling interface.