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Résumé :

Jelena Batica, Research engineer in Hydroinformatics, a civil engineer specialized in water resources, hydraulics and infrastructure graduated from Belgrade University (Serbia). In addition she gained also a M. Sc. in Hydro- informatics and Water Management – EuroAquae and doctorate degree from Nice- Sophia Antipolis University, France.

She works in University Nice Sophia Antipolis since 2010 as a research engineer on the projects financed by H2020 and FP7 research programs. Focusing on risk resilience, climate change and decision support systems through establishing new tools and methodologies for reshaping urban environments and raising risk awareness she is engaged on large projects: CORFU, Ubi-FLOOD, E-Leanor, PEARL, ANYWHERE and RECONECT.

Beside research, she is a lecturer to master students on: urban drainage systems, urban distribution systems, flood risk management.

Since 2010 she is a part of WaterEurope ( & HydroEurope ( and as a supervisor and lecturer. These programs are based and developed on the close partnership between the academia and the professional sector (businesses and public services). Differently from other theory-based Masters programmes, HydroEurope and WaterEurope proposes a collaborative and innovative educational approach equipping participants with a combination of the necessary in-depth academic theoretical concepts and with an intensive practice approach and operational analysis of concrete case studies of various European catchments located in the project partner countries

Her main focus is on a new methodology that she developed, regarding evaluation of food resilience in urban environments in Europe and in Asia. Application of this methodology is done by now is on eleven international cities e.g. Nice, Châtelaillon-Plage and Corsica (France), Hamburg (Germany), Barcelona (Spain), Rethymno (Greece), Genoa (Italy), (France), Beijing (China), Dhaka (Bangladesh), Mumbai (India) and Taipei (China).

She is an expert in training disaster risk reduction, hydrometeorological and emergency teams for Flood Loss Assessment for the Western Balkan countries on behalf of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and expert in flood emergency response invited by European Commission Joint Research Centre (FloodRisk2016).

Domaine d'activité :
Civil engineering, water resources, disaster risk management, flood risk management, climate change, natural based solutions, water management, civil protection, stakeholder involvement and negotiation

Publications :

Revues internationales :

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Ouvrages et chapitres de livre:

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Conférences nationales :

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