Yangkong Zhou


930 Chemin des Colles
Parc de Sophia Antipolis
F-06410 Biot

Mail : zyk36@tju.edu.cn

Titre de la thèse :  Towards a multi-functional and adaptative facade tool

Directeur de thèse : Erwin Franquet & Mohamad Ibrahim

Financement : Bourse CSC (China Scholarship Council)

Domaine d'activité :

Smart building, energy saving, multi-functional facade, heat transfert, toolbox

Publications :

Conférences internationales :

Y. Zhou, M. Baracani, F. Favoino, S. Fantucci, M. Ibrahim, E. Franquet & V. Serra, “Numerical Modelling and Performance Assessment of MicroFluidic Glazing (MFG)”, SDEWES, Dubrovnik, Croatia, 2023.

Y. Zhou, G. Gennaro, S. Fantucci, M. Ibrahim, E. Franquet & F. Favoino, “Building performance simulation of Advanced Building Envelope (ABE): towards a python-based open-source library to support co-simulation for design and operations”, IBPSA, Shanghai, China, 2023.